Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will be provided to my student?

Why iPads?

What are my costs to participate?

Can a student use their own device instead of the district issued device?

Can I opt out of the program?

What restrictions will be set on the iPad by the district?

Is it possible to set additional restrictions or create a home Internet filter?

How will students be held accountable for appropriate use of their mobile device?

How will students be educated about responsible use and healthy digital habits?

What resources will help me as a parent in monitoring and mentoring my child's use of technology?

How can I support healthy device use and limits at home?

What accessories will be provided with the device?

Can my student buy their own case rather than using the district provided case?

Will all student work be completed on the device?

Will textbooks be accessible only in a digital format?

How will the Learning Technology Plan meet the needs of students on 504 Plans and IEPs?

What is the schedule to replace and refresh equipment that is part of the Learning Technology Plan?

When and how will this program be evaluated?